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Feeding Kirugu - Opening HFF’s First Food Bank

Friends, are you looking for a story of hope? Well, we have a special one just for you!

Like most of the world, Uganda has been hit hard by COVID-19. In addition to the physical harm caused by the disease, many families are struggling to survive. Businesses are closed. Food prices are skyrocketing. With Rays of Grace temporarily closed, we worry that our children won’t receive the meals and medical care that we provided. It’s heartbreaking, and we knew we needed to respond.

Last week, community leaders called Robert, our Executive Director, to ask if HFF could provide food relief for the community. Our heart is with the families of Kirugu, so we jumped into action. We purchased Ugandan staples, maize flour and rice, and then on Monday we opened our first food bank at Rays of Grace! Community members poured into our gates, and we were overjoyed to meet some of their physical needs. This is how we show the love of Jesus Christ in Kirugu.

Thank YOU to everyone who made it possible for us to provide food! Please join us in praying that the food will be multiplied like the 2 fish and 5 loaves, and the food will be health, life, and strength in Kirugu. We look forward to finding new ways to safely love our community in the weeks to come.

If you'd like to support our relief efforts and ministry, donate through our website or email us at for more information!

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