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Where It All Started

Supporting women and their families

through their own businesses

Hoffman Family Foundation has partnered with some amazing women in Uganda. Tami and Dave Hoffman, the founders of HFF, were introduced to this “Women’s Group” (approximately 20 ladies) back in 2014. After spending some time with the women and teaching some foundations of operating their own business, Dave was determined to give them an opportunity to see what they had learned. He gave them a small “Hand Up”. Tami would return later that year in September to see what these amazing women could do with the  investment.

As promised, Tami arrived in late September and was so impressed with their results. This small group of women had started a business call ‘MUKAMA AFAAYO FUNCTION SERVICES'…. Tents and Chairs for Hire!’. They gave the Hoffman's the honor of participating in their ribbon cutting ceremony to officially open their doors for business. Just six months after opening their doors, their business doubled in size. Twenty more ladies joined the group and with their earnings they were able to purchase an additional tent. 


Seeing these hard working women with their resilient spirits and the amount of confidence and stability starting their own business created within this community, HFF's Women's Empowerment Program was born. 



Have You Heard of the


This Nike study states that if we were to give both a man and a woman $100 each in the same developing community, $90 of the Woman’s $100 will go back into her family and community, where as only $20-$35 of the Man’s $100 will go back into his family and community. Teaching and empowering our women is the key to help breaking their poverty cycle and transforming future generations.


Our mission is to educate and empower women who are living in poverty with earthly skills, God-confidence and God-vision necessary to create a productive business, create a healthy lifestyle, and create a secure home for themselves and their children. Power, Purpose and Provision. 


"She is clothed in strength and dignity,

and she laughs without fear of the future."


- Proverbs 31:25

"I love to see women being empowered, taking charge, and providing for families.”


- Roger Segawa, Women's Empowerment Director


Our Story 2014-2016

Starts With 18 Women

July 2014

A small group of 18 ladies .. Given a small hand up to get them started in a business.

Thinking Big Picture

April 2015

Ladies set up tents and chairs for our first meeting. Excitement stirs as we discuss ideas for their business to expand and they requested for us to provide them with HFF T-shirts to create unity during our next visit.

Launching A Business

September 2014

Ladies started their Tent & Chair Party Business!

They rented a small warehouse building to store their products and we celebrated with a ribbon cutting  ceremony.

Growing to 50

March 2015

Number of participants in the business increases to 50 ladies. With this growth, it was decided to have our ladies break off into two separate groups. We gifted them with one more tent and 75 new chairs to help get the new group started. They started to focus on business expansion by marketing their services for weddings, graduations, birthdays, and funerals.

80 And Counting

September 2015

Our Women's Empowerment Group numbers have increased to 80 members! Our women have expressed to us that they are starting to feel value and that having HFF believing in them is the greatest gift of all. New members receive a T-shirt and through tears of joy, they are thrilled to belong to their group.

Recruiting Men

June 2016

The ladies have picked up a few men to help with their projects. They are beyond excited to give reports on how their businesses are flourishing. They have requested HFF provide business workshops so they can learn individually and continue to grow. Our women now have at least two acres of land and are growing vegetables for profit. A unique strategy and selling point causes great demand for their vegetables and profits are through the roof.

Workshops Begin

August 2016

Workshops are provided to the ladies. They have become determined to improve their businesses and have become committed to eachother to help one another grow.

We are looking for people to come beside us and


If this speaks to your heart please join our mission.

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