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Destined for Greatness: March Sports Project

Last summer, I watched many, many soccer and netball practices. Each day, they sprinted to the field with anticipation and excitement. Coaches shouted encouragement as the children darted across the field. Practices were filled with unbridled laughter and determined competition. In their eyes, I saw confidence building. Greatness was on the rise

Then, tournaments began. Our boys’ soccer team and girls’ netball team traveled across Uganda for championships. Before each game they rallied together for a moment of prayer, and then...they began to win! Game after game, they came back victorious. Each child beamed as they received a shiny metal.

The story spread across Uganda; the newspapers declared that the Rays of Grace underdogs were defeating the most talented teams in Uganda. After winning the Junior League Championship, 5 of our boys were chosen for the national team.

This newspaper shares the hope that soccer brings to orphans at Rays of Grace.

So, why are sports important for our students?

Sports give our students the chance to be kids. When they play soccer and netball, they experience joy. Their confidence builds. But, more importantly sports help them chase brighter futures.

In Uganda, quality education costs money. Many of our students come from families who struggle to provide food for their children. The cost of education is too much. By developing soccer and netball skills, our students get the opportunity to earn scholarships for high school and college!

Sports teach our students to work hard, dream big, and give the praise to their Father!

How can you get involved?

We are launching a March Madness Fundraiser! This March, we hope to raise $5,000 for our year’s teams. This will help us pay for coaching, transportation, tournament fees, cleats, and uniforms.

If you’d like to support our team, click the purple donate button on the top of our page!

-Michaela Marcy

Outreach Coordinator

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