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Providing Education and Family Support

Education is vital to a thriving society. A society without education will become the breeding ground for violence and intolerance. But an educated society will promote tolerance and peace, justice and understanding, innovation and advancement, and positive, self-sustaining growth. It’s important to educate our children, no matter where they live, for they will grow to become responsible citizens of their society. Each child represents a future, the future of the community, of the country, and indeed the future of the whole world. 


Delivering education is not just about tuition, classrooms and teacher supplies – the first steps to a successful education often come in the shape of plumbing pipes, cement blocks, and rain-proof roofing. Boarding school makes it possible to get an education on a full stomach in a safe environment. The Hoffman Family Foundation is improving infrastructure by building new schools, adding classrooms to overcrowded schools, as well as improving access to water, food and sanitation. We are committed to understanding the true need from our local contacts and helping where we can be most effective in our mission.



Student to Teacher Ratio

4 million

Teachers Needed in East Africa

School Dropout Rate



East Africa struggles to provide quality education and infrastructure as indicated by student-to-teacher ratios, primary completion rates, secondary enrollment, and youth literacy rates. The student to teacher ratios have increased in sub-Saharan Africa due to mandatory enrollment, this has caused a staggering student teacher ratio of 72:1. In order to reach the goal of universal primary education, Eastern Africa alone requires four million new primary school teachers. This region has high initial enrollment rates (>90%), however, 30-40% of students leave before completing their primary schooling. In 2007 only 25% of students went on to high school due to the expenses associated with continuing education.

There are many factors that contribute to the current situation. Classrooms are crowded and dilapidated. Teachers have insufficient teaching resources and time for personalized instruction. These struggles reflect the well-below average standard of educational institutions in more developed countries. In addition to the overcrowding and poor state of facilities, advanced learning opportunities are impeded by insufficient or nonexistent math and science materials. There’s also a concerning level of sexual violence and inadequate sanitation for female students. This directly and disproportionally affects their self esteem and ultimately participation and retention in the educational programs.


Could anything be better than waking up every day knowing lots of people are smiling because you chose to impact lives, making this world a better place? Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch. For the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow. 

We are looking for people to come beside us and


If this speaks to your heart please join our mission.

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