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Tami Hoffman 

Executive Director

In 2014, Tami traveled to Uganda for the first time, and she was led to start a school in Kirugu. Under the Lord's leadership, she watched HFF flourish and grow. Tami spends her free time with her husband, Dave, 3 children, and 4 grandchildren!


Dave Hoffman 

Global Director

Dave is a creative entrepreneur who started a manufacturing company after college. He used these skills to launch our women's empowerment groups that have helped over 150 women start businesses. He also oversees our finances and expansion. 


Joyce Brooks 

Leadership Director

Joyce is our education expert! For 30 years, she trained administrators and taught high school and college students. As our loudest cheerleader, Joyce helps our team and volunteers use their gifts and talents. Joyce also sponsors 5 students.


Carrie Wingfield

Creative Director

Carrie is a driven, creative talent with a passion for story telling and simply loving God's people. She combines her marketing and creative direction with the fire God put in her heart to bring HFF's mission to light and expose His love with the world.


Kelvin Belfon

U.S. Sponsorship Coordinator

Kelvin is a congregational care pastor at Potter's House Church. He joined our team because he loves helping people, and he saw Dave and Tami serving with passion and transparency. Kelvin connects sponsors with students!


Velma Gaston

U.S. Sponsorship Assistant

Velma spent many years in Human Resources, and now she uses this wisdom to create and maintain our sponsorship database. She feels blessed to join us because we seek "total dependence on God's provision for what He wants us to do in Uganda. 

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Michaela Marcy

Outreach Coordinator

Michaela is passionate about international aid, and she has spent 3 summers in Uganda working with HFF & Samaritan’s Purse. In 2018, she lived at Rays of Grace for 6 weeks to document HFF’s impact in Kirugu. She uses this experience to share HFF's story on social media. Michaela works internationally with Samaritan’s Purse.


Brittany Froistad

Outreach Coordinator

Coming soon!


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Robert Kiwanuka

Executive Director

Robert is our brilliant visionary and leader. He was raised in an orphanage, and his childhood inspired him to spend his life advocating for vulnerable children. After graduating from  Makerere University, he joined HFF in 2015. Whether he is building a home or talking to government officials, Robert leads HFF with excellence. 


Sarah Kiwanuka

Program Assistant

As our operations genius, Sarah helps maximize our impact by carrying out various HFF projects. Outside the office, you can find her chasing her toddlers and eating Matooke with her husband, Robert.


Loretta Namagembe

HR + Administrator

Loretta's love and wisdom is vital as she overseas the development of our staff.  Her gift of loving others extends into all parts of her life.  Her home is always open to vulnerable children, and she is the sole caregiver for 10 children. 


Joseph Balikudembe

Head Teacher

Joseph has traveled across Uganda serving students in impoverished communities. In 2018, he joined us at Rays of Grace! In Kirugu, children drop out of school and  girls are married off at  early ages. This problem drives him to fight for our students by providing holistic education.


Vincent Kivumbi

Finance Manager

As our main accountant, Vincent strives to manage HFF's finances with transparency and accuracy. His goal is to help children pursue learning, and he enjoys connecting donors in the U.S. with our ministry at Rays of Grace.


Lydia Nakazibwe

Assistant Finance Manager

After graduating with a degree in accounting at Makerere University, Lydia joined HFF. As our number-crunching guru, she maintains our financial records. Her dream is to give hope to the hopeless, mentor the youth, and encourage  single mothers and abandoned children.


Vinny Mawejje

Sponsorship Coordinator

While growing up in an orphanage, Vinny experienced the pain of poverty. Through sponsorship, he was able to attend school and earn a degree in journalism! Now, he blesses our sponsored students. He says, "I wanted to fulfill my dream of helping orphans as I was helped."

“My dream as a Christian was to find a job where I could extend my love. Rays of Grace is special because we give education to vulnerable children from the whole community! At Rays of Grace, God is touching people who have open hearts for the wellbeing of children. I feel at home here.”

Loretta Namagembe

Our Mission

We are looking for people to come beside us and


If this speaks to your heart please join our mission.

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