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Sherifah’s Story

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

We would like to introduce you to an amazing, strong, blind woman.

HFF with Sherifah, sitting in her new living room.
This is Sherifah and her family.

Her name is Sherifah. My husband traveled to Uganda in July of 2014. During his travel with Robert Kiwanuka, they stopped to bring this lady who is blind and has 4 children some food for the day. She had been left, abandoned and forsaken by her husband. My husband took photos of her living condition and sent them home to me. I sent back a text and asked Robert if we could please buy a bed for this lady. He said he could, but she is blind and someone would possibly steal it from her house because she has no door on her home. So asked if we could arrange for a door to be installed. He said we could, but her house is falling apart. So my next reply was okay… let’s build her a house.

Sherifah's Life Was Transformed

In less than 6 months her beautiful new home was completed. She now lives safely with her 4 children. Her house also now has solar lighting and a water tank that provides drinking water for her and her family.

Today I am thankful that the Hoffman Family Foundation has left a legacy of Love… transforming lives and communities.

May we continue all the good we can… In all the ways we can… In all the places we can… At all the times we can… And to all the people we can.

Those who are the happiest are those who do the most for others. So happy Sherifah and her children are apart of our lives. I will visit her frequently when I travel to Uganda. -Tami Hoffman

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