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Water Revival

Water is the most essential part of life. Can you imagine having to walk miles just to quench your thirst?

The Ultimate Convenience

Daily rituals and daily habits: We’re born into them. We fall into them. We grow to love certain aspects of them. They structure our days and teach us the rhythm of life. Different cultures bring different rhythms. In our village of Kirugu, Uganda, our day starts with the sun as we work diligently all day under its warmth. It provides us the light and life we need to go to school, work in the field, open up our shops in town, and is our ever-so-trusting lantern to light the way as we fetch water.

Access to clean water holds its own rhythm inside our school walls. We depend on it to wash our hands, cook our meals, and hydrate hundreds of bodies. However, we spend multiple hours every day walking to collect our water. This has become our ritual, our means for survival. Once the water is collected from the community boar hole, we boil it in order to be able to use it safely.

Over the last 3 months, we have been given the gift of access to clean water onsite at school. Because of your prayers, donations, and unending support, we have been able to build a brand new water well to serve our school and the surrounding community. Our team on the ground has worked diligently to make sure our water well will operate in excellence. Because of God’s unending graces, we get to find a new rhythm to our days. We can collect all of our lost hours spent traveling to the boar hole, and redeem them in the classroom. We no longer have to leave school grounds for the basic necessity of water.

This is love in action:

Praying big prayers and watching with anticipation as the Lord pours out His blessings.

We cannot thank you enough for walking alongside of our team as we link arms to bring sustainability to Kirugu, Uganda. With every new rhythm we find, and every new project we put our hands to, we will be taking each one of you with us.

We are so grateful!

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